I Am A

from I Like To Sing! CD



I am a drum – I keep the beat
When I get cracking people like to move their feet

I am a bass – I love to swing
I walk and talk and rock and roll and everything

I am a piano – I play all night
Sometimes I use my black notes. sometimes I use my white

I am a guitar – one thing I know
Is how to boogie-woogie, listen to me go

I am a trombone – I have a slide
And when I play I go from way down low to way up high…

I am a saxophone – I love to bop
When I get going I can really blow my top

I am a marimba – I really love to trill
With these mallets on my back it gives me such a thrill

I am a fiddle – I’m not so big
But I can make you smile – listen to my jig

I am a trumpet – ready to blow
I love to hit the high notes – listen to me go

We are a band – we love to shake
Why don’t you join in with the music that we make

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