If I Had An Aeroplane

from I Like To Sing! DVD


If I had an aeroplane
This is what I’d do
I’d jump in it and start it up and fly into the blue
I’d fly so high into the sky
Birds would follow me
And then I’d turn around again
And land in time for tea

If I had a sailing ship
This is what I’d do
I’d sail east and sail west across the ocean blue
I’d sail north and sail south and sail backwards too
And after I’d been everywhere
I’d sail right back to you

If I had a railway train
This is what I’d do
I’d huff and puff and puff and huff and blow my whistle too
I’d grunt and shunt and shunt and grunt and
Roll along the track
And all the boys and girls would hear
My wheels go clickety-clack
Clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack

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