I Can Tickle Myself

from Songs To Make You Smile DVD


I’ll tell you something and it’s true
Here are some things that I can do
I can touch my nose
I can stand on tippy toes
I can wiggle my tail
and I Can Tickle Myself

You can rub your tummy
You can pat your head
You can go to sleep
You can jump out of bed
You can put on your clothes
You can touch your toes
You can brush your teeth
And you can tickle yourself
From your nose to your toes
This is how it goes…..

I can dream my dreams
I can sing my song
If you want to help
you can sing along
You can touch your nose
Stand on tippy toes
You can wiggle your tail
and you can tickle yourself
Side to side
Tickle yourself!
From your nose to your toes
Toes to your nose
Nose to your toes
That’s how it goes…

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