My Shadow And Me

from Great Big World CD


MY SHADOW AND ME – we play each day
I duck and I dive but I can’t get away
I try to hide but she can’t be beat
Cos my shadow’s stuck to my own two feet

MY SHADOW AND ME – we stick together
She walks with me in the sunny weather
Wherever I go that’s where she goes.
It’s always me and my shadow

But then sometimes on a cloudy day
There’s a little trick she likes to play
Cos when a cloud comes to block the sun
My shadow she goes away

Come back shadow – come back shadow
Come back shadow – I know you’re hiding

I can wear colours but she wears black
If she ever goes she comes right back
I like having her around you know
When it’s just me and my shadow

MY SHADOW AND ME we understand
Sometimes things don’t go as planned
If I need a friend – well I guess you know.
I’ve always got my shadow

And that’s how it will always be – MY SHADOW AND ME

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